Students guideline for virtual class

  1. Login 5 minutes before the given time.
  2. Students should wear school uniform during online classes.
  3. Parents (only one) need to accompany their ward during their classes. (for Pre-Primary to std V)
  4. Avoid roaming around, as it may create a distraction.
  5. During the online classes every student must keep the video on and kindly change the display name with Student’s Name otherwise your attendance will not be marked.
  6. Attendance will be taken by the teacher 3 times during online class. (any time).
  7. Students have to attend the online classes with the notebook and a pen and a water bottle.
  8. If any student leave the online class due to network issue can join once again in that online class.
  9. Kindly cooperate for the smooth functioning of the online classes. Parents are requested to maintain the environment of the place where your ward is going to attend the virtual school.
  10. If you have any queries the contact the class teachers.

Mrs. Namrata Newton