Hon. Vice Chairman

Hon. Shri. Y. T. Deshmukh Vice Chairman J.B.S.P. Sanstha, Panvel.

I am very much delighted to note that the school has completed 25 years. It is just unbelievable. The contribution of school to society is astonishing. Building any institution is not easy. Managing people at various levels is equally difficult. But the school
authorities have been very carefully observing things around and handling things meticulously to give the best to society. I am very happy about the teaching and non teaching staff of the school having joined hands in building and shaping student
community. I wish the school very grand performance in accomplishing its goals.

Life is a school ,good luck for we never stop learning. The 12 -20 years that we spend in a classroom are only part of the learning process that begins the moment we are born and ends when we die. School introduces us to other points of view, which is
necessary to learn tolerance and empathy. School provides us with exposure to diversity culture and religion. School provides us with a formal structure that real life learning does not, and that structure helps us to learn self-discipline.

A school plays a greater role in changing the society & its people in the sphere of academic, social, economic, mental, moral& physical development.

Swami Vivekananda said “We must overcome difficulty by constant practice We must learn that nothing can happen to us unless we make ourselves susceptible to it.”

As a conscientious student, you need to be aware of both your strengths and weaknesses. Identify your strengths and work on them further so that they become your core competencies. At the same time, you must be aware of your weaknesses and make honest effort to overcome them. Continuous, vigorous and sustained effort in this direction would convert your weaknesses into strengths over a period of time. Never hesitate to take guidance and direction from your principal, teachers and seniors

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”